Bird Collage

Sharing another after school art project.

Project name: Birds of a Feather
Project approximate time: 2hrs
Supplies: pencil, bowls/trays to keep torn paper colors organized, glue sticks, old mail/junk mail/magazines, board canvas or thick card stock.

We created a bird collage using magazines. It’s a great way to recycle old mail, junk mail, and magazines.
The students thought about what kind of bird they wanted to base their collage on — real or imaginary. Then they sketched out simple shapes and decided what position their birds would be in, i.e. flying, nesting, walking, etc. Ovals, circles, rectangles, and triangles made up the outlines. They then chose their color scheme. Once they collected the pages they wanted to use, they began tearing them into small pieces. Smaller pieces and variation in dark and light values of one color produced more depth, featherlike texture, and visual interest. Students ripped pages rather than cut them to allow the feathered ripped edges (no pun intended) to lie flat against the canvas. This helped the pieces connect in a soft way as opposed to creating hard and blunt edges. Using images and words instead of only flat color created an effect that made the viewer lean forward to examine them further. Once students were happy with their creations, they used modgepodge to seal and smooth their birds.
Try looking at their birds from far away and then up close. Note the difference in what you perceive and what’s actually there.