Faux Stained Glass

We’ve been moving right along in my Maker’s Mondays after school class with our crafting skills. Last week we made tiny worlds. The kids made terrariums and then made polymer clay miniatures to add to them. One of our previous projects was to make faux stained glass. This took a lot of planning and a […]

Bird Collage

Sharing another after school art project. Project name: Birds of a FeatherProject approximate time: 2hrsSupplies: pencil, bowls/trays to keep torn paper colors organized, glue sticks, old mail/junk mail/magazines, board canvas or thick card stock. We created a bird collage using magazines. It’s a great way to recycle old mail, junk mail, and magazines.The students thought […]

Radial Symmetry- Name Mandala

In my Maker’s Monday after school class we explored making Mandalas. The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit that loosely translates to mean “circle” or “center.” It is most widely seen in the form of a circle but can take on many different shapes. Mandalas are so satisfying to create and are solid example of Radial […]

Artist Spotlight: Allissa’s Projects

3rd grader Allissa has taken two of my 4-week Saturday Fiber Arts sessions. Within these classes she created many projects, three pieces are featured above. To complete her name in the the top right, she learned to mark on fabric, set up her embroidery hoop, thread a needle, create her name using the backstitch, and […]

Artist Spotlight: Embroidery by Rika

Rika, a 3rd grader, has been taking fiber arts classes with EyeCraftYouCraft since late September of 2020. In my Fiber Arts after school class, she learned how to thread a needle, how to set and finish an embroidery hoop, and how to create different types of stitches, including the running stitch, the backstitch, and several […]

Page-eating monster bookmarks

I just love making these. These are usually one of the first fiber arts projects I give to the kids. It’s a simpler project that is a good introduction to working with fiber. They plan out their design, learn to cut and mark felt, learn the running stitch, the whip stitch and the tacking stitch. […]