Faux Stained Glass

We’ve been moving right along in my Maker’s Mondays after school class with our crafting skills. Last week we made tiny worlds. The kids made terrariums and then made polymer clay miniatures to add to them. One of our previous projects was to make faux stained glass. This took a lot of planning and a number of steps to achieve their finished art work. They planned out their designs on paper, refined their ideas, and then transferred their designs with sharpie using the plastic panels laid over the top of their designs. They then mixed clear glue and black acrylic paint to trace over their sharpie lines to create 3-D lines. That dried, and next class they cleaned up their lines by using rubbing alcohol and Q-tips to take away the sharpie lines. They then used glue and pure pigment (alcohol inks) to choose and mix colors to paint their panels. Enjoy the photos and have your child explain their process.

(3 artists we not present the day we photographed so their final projects are not featured)